New Year, New Smash.

It’s amazing how refreshing a new year can make you feel. Many people make resolutions to change behaviors, while others could care less. Many people also don’t follow through on their resolutions, but for those that do, I believe that goal was meaningful to them, and not just a goal that society/family/friends/self-loathing brought about.

I have goals for this year, and I hope that they come to fruition and that I stay on top of them. Of course, some of them are the typical goals you see from most people, but some may not be…

  • Find Balance: This is my motto for the year. I feel like all I do is work and parent. I enjoy my job and of course, love my little dude, but there are other aspects to my life that I miss tremendously.
    • I’m already starting the year off right by attending my book club this month. I miss friends and feel like I have very few here in GA. I also want to meet more of my neighbors and have game nights. We love board games but don’t really have a lot of people to play them with in the vicinity.
    • I also want to make more effort to spend quality time with Todd. He deserves just as much attention and love. He works so hard and is pretty much a wet noodle when he gets home, so we need to find some together time a few times on the weekends. I’ve started a list of things we can do, like geocaching, hiking, pottery/paint dates, etc. He and I have so much fun together and I feel like the only time we get quality conversation in is during our dates. I don’t want to lose touch with my boo. The sky is the limit, and there’s always The Dating Divas for ideas!
    • Of course, I can’t leave out Gage. Our world pretty much revolves around him now. He is about to be one, which means walking is near. That kicks things into high gear, for sure. I want to take him to experience new things often. The first will be in celebration of his first birthday, when we hit up the Atlanta Zoo! I’m all about the experiences, way above the material things, which he doesn’t need nor we have room for.
    • I miss crafting. I vow to make time to do Project Life this year. I have set aside the last Sunday of the month to craft, and have Todd’s support. I know watching the baby all day can be hard, so I’m sure I will have moments with him, but for the most part, I will be a craftin’ fool! I’ve become so rusty at it. I hope I get my inspiration back. My new pretty craft storage sure helps!!

  • Move more: It’s no secret that I’ve packed on some weight over the years. I’m not an exercise lover, but I do enjoy dancing and doing weights. Of course, having a young one in the house can make finding time for this more difficult, but I am determined to just move more. Play Just Dance, take walks, do a 15 minute exercise routine in the evenings, take breaks to walk around my humongous school. Yes, I scheduled them in and have reminders. I also want to get GET OUT with the family and enjoy the beautiful state of Georgia. Well, after the frigid temps let up, any way. It’s going to be in the TEENS this week. Todd also got me a much-wanted FitBit for Christmas, and I have to say that I love it and it helps me feel more accountable. I know it’s only January 7th…
  • Eat healthier: We try to do this, but Todd and I have pretty big appetites. He takes after his father and I my uncles. Damn genetics! We also have terribly slow metabolisms. He has a slow-emptying stomach, and I have IBS, which wreaks havoc my GI tract. None of it bodes well for losing weight. I’ve tried Yoga in the past for it, and I’m now trying to drink Fiber 20 minutes before meals to see if it helps me get full faster. We’ve always used small plates and not had huge helpings, but we both walk away from dinner hungry, which can lead to snacking before bedtime. No good, my friends!
  • Spend less money on trivial shit: I need to stay the hell off Amazon, take the route that doesn’t drive by DD and Starbucks, and the hell away from Target and Hell-Mart. Todd is now the designated grocery shopper because he shops smart, whereas Noni and I walk away with far more crap than was on the list.
  • Do some DIY and stay up to date on home maintenance: I want to take care of our first home. And I want to do some DIY projects. We have a coat rack idea in the works, and we desperately need it!

What are your goals for the year?


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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Smash.

  1. These are all super obtainable and wouldn’t stress me out in the least! I wonder if I could set aside one day a month for something for me…I don’t even know what!


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