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Planner Mania.

I’ve always been a fan of paper (I’m a paper crafter, after all) and planning that way. I do a combination of paper and Google calendar now, so that my family can stay in the loop, and vice versa. (We tried Cozi. I was the only fan.) Then there is my Outlook calendar for work. Ugh. It’s exhausting. I hate having to look in multiple places before I schedule something. So I decided to take the plunge and get an organizing system where I can have everything in one place. Plus, I want to be able to do more with paper, like bill tracking, menu planning, house maintenance, tracking Gage’s milestones, and jotting down memories for Project Life. I tried doing the home organization binder with tons of printables, and it’s just too large to carry around, so I didn’t use it as much as I wanted to.

Well, thanks to Vanessa from @thatmoxiechick on Instagram (and a friend IRL), I recently ordered a Kikki.K planner. They are an Australian business (that embraces Swedish design) that started 10 years ago in the founder’s apartment! Nice, right? I had never heard of the company before, but that beautiful gold planner had my attention! They were having a sale and I couldn’t resist. Plus, it was my birthday gift to myself, so it was even more justifiable at that point. I have been wanting a Filofax for months and months, but I could not spend $80+ on it, and they’ve been out of the really awesome pink domino patent leather one forever now, so Kikki.K it was. (Come to find out, I was not settling for less. Their products rock!)

During the excruciating wait for the planner to arrive, I decided to investigate more of the planner community. Holy. Shite. I was not prepared for how intense it really is! Of course, it has only upped the intensity I feel for all things paper, and I’ve become a tad obsessed with it, overall. I’ve started following planner addict blogs and Instagrams, started downloading any free A5 printable I can find, and started looking for planner things on Etsy. I’ve also raided Walmart and Target for cutsie things to decorate my planner with, though I have some much scrapbooking stuff that I certainly did not need to do that.

My planner finally arrived this past Saturday and I am so happy! I’ve posted tons of pictures on Instagram already, but I am going to share a more in-depth look here. Yahoo!

Meet Penny. Yes, I named her. Thanks to my husband for the suggestion!

She is quite a beauty, and I love the color to pieces. (Side Note: I need gold/black washi tape suggestions! NEED!!!) I couldn’t wait to open her up and start customizing. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I will keep in her (aside from schedule/tasks), but I went ahead and customized my inserts with random scrapbook paper.


10948585_421915101290144_2066050327_n 20150127_092550_resized

I also decided on a Project Life card and a picture of my mom and son to greet me every day! (I need to get hubs in here somewhere!)

20150126_142311_resized  20150126_142319_resized

I created my dashboard. I’m still looking for a pretty picture to use as the background, but this is great for now.


Next, I made my Today page marker, and decided to add a To Do list in. I do not know if I will keep it this way because have a To Do section in the planner, but I’ll see how it goes…


I also decorated my first weekly spread! Woot.


I printed out MsWenduhh’s financial pages because I definitely wanted to add that into the planner. Love them!


Finally, I also created a pocket folder via Miss Trench Coat’s awesome video tutorial. Only I inserted my folder in the opposite way,because I wanted it that way. I do not know if it will pose a problem when I finally place documents in there. If it does, I will just make another. it was easy!

20150127_105227_resized 20150127_105308_resized

 That’s as far as I have gotten. I will update you again soon. I’m still learning so much about this entertaining new hobby. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Planner Mania.

  1. Your pages look awesome!!! LOL I’m such the opposite. I’m in the process of going paperless. I bought a document scanner and am slowly scanning everything to Evernote. It’s a process, but I love that everything is in the cloud and is easily searchable and shared with Tim. 🙂 Happy planning!


  2. Wow this is so cute I want one now! I’m the same as you – love all stationary and pretty planners! I’ve heads a lot about Filofax but never this brand. I’ll have to check it out and hope it comes back half as cute as yours. Your dashboard is just dashing!!


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