Imagine It! The Atlanta Children’s Museum

Ribbet collage

Once a year, Atlanta offers a museum week when many museums offer buy one get one admission. Since Gage is walking now, T & I took advantage of the deal and took GMoney to the Atlanta Children’s Museum. It’s not a very big museum but there is certainly a lot of fun to be had by young people. It’s sectioned off into exhibits, and there’s even a toddler area for the little guys.

I think my favorite area was the Fundamentally Food exhibit, where kids can learn about how food is brought to the table. They even get to go shopping themselves, which was too cute. Of course, GΒ wanted to eat the plastic fruit, but we eventually got him to put it in his basket. πŸ˜› It was super cute to see Gage push around the cart. He and another girl kept bumping into each other, and they kept taking things out of each other’s carts. Oh, how innocent and clueless we are as babies…

There was a fishing exhibit that I think T had more fun with. G just wanted to splash around in the water. He is such a water baby, just like I was when I was younger. I don’t want to be seen in a bathing suit now, which prohibits me from having fun in the water these days. Maybe that will change soon though! We also visited the little toddler area, where Gage took a liking to the baby piano. That kid loves music, though I’m not sure if you can what he was making music…

There’s an awesome sand area with that sand that doesn’t stick to you. T made a turtle, and G was more interested in the objects in the sand than the sand itself. However, he was fascinated by how it felt, and so was I! Sand that doesn’t stick is awesomeΒ sand, IMO. I grew up in Florida near beaches and I hated how sand stuck to you! You found it every-freaking-where when you got home…Off topic, again!

There’s also a neat dress up / stage area for the budding actors, a Lego area, an area that shows how machines work, toy train area, and other areas that we didn’t explore. We stayed for about 1.5 hours and it was a fun trip. G was not free since he is over 1, and honestly, I think admission is a little much for someone his age, since he can’t yet do everything. He cost the same as an adult. I honestly think it should be more for the child and less for the adult, but what do I know. When he gets a bit older, I think it might be worth a yearly pass. It’s definitely a place you can take the kids and let them roam free, for the most part.

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