#Whole30: Day 2


I woke up today feeling my normal self, though I started my cycle and wondered what the hell I did to deserve such a thing! Whole30 week 1 and my cycle? The universe hates me! However, I’m feeling fine so far.

7:30 AM – 2 egg muffins and one piece of homemade sausage, plus coffee with coconut cream! I wasn’t overly hungry this morning, and my breakfast satisfied me and then some. I also got a new snazzy fruit infusion water bottle that is going to help me keep drinking all day, because it’s so tasty!!


9:45 AM – I’ve finished one bottle (27 oz) of water, but I’m starting to get a bit of a headache. That could be related to my cycle, food detox, or a combination.  I will drink more water before I take ibuprofen.

10:30 AM – Ugh, the headache continues. And I feel fuzzy. Snack time – 2 clementines…NOM. Plus another cup of coffee with coconut cream.

11 AM – Meds and coffee to the rescue. I feel better. One hour until my amazing lunch. But first, I must help students. Bullying, failing grades and tears this morning…

12:15 PM – LUNCH!  I am FULL. I had leftover slow cooked chicken breast and root veggies (sweet potato, parsnip, carrot) and green beans. It was awe to the some, yo. I’m also on my 3rd bottle of water. I think that is helping a lot. Thank the heavens I can see the bathroom from my office!


2:15 PM – Peanut butter is in my top 5 favorite foods, ever. I’ve been eating natural peanut butter for many years now, however, so I’m used to it sans sugar and prefer it now. Not being able to eat peanut butter brings out the sad panda, but I have found something to fulfill my desire. Granny Smith apples and Almond butter!  I was sad that I couldn’t find Sunflower Seed butter without a non-compliant ingredient, but Almond butter is damn yummy!


4 PM – Half an avocado while Gage ate the other half. I’m seeing a trend here. Heh.

6 PM – I threw the sweet potatoes into the oven to bake at 5 PM. I sautéed kale with olive oil, garlic and broth and browned some turkey meat with a bit of red pepper flakes. We loaded the meat and veggie onto the sweet potato, and chowed down. It wasn’t half bad. I like sweet potatoes, but I don’t prefer them over other options (or without the way I eat them at Thanksgiving – ha!). Looks like I will be eating them a lot more!

I cooked up more homemade sausage. I shredded red potatoes and put them in muffin cups and baked them for 15 minutes. I then added broccoli, sausage and egg, and baked them for 15 minutes more. I was inspired by this recipe, and I will have them for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

I also drank 108 ounces of water today, thanks to my trusty new awesome water bottle!! I know that helped curb my hunger some. I also did NOT, I repeat, did NOT have a craving for SALT. That usually plagues me during my cycle, but it did not cross my mind once. Yay!

I feel so lame for blogging about my day in a time sequence fashion, but it’s kinda funny and much easier than spitting out paragraphs at the end of the day. Is this boring to you?

And just to add in some cuteness:


ash-sign (1)

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