#Whole30: Days 5-7 – Weekend Warrior!

photo credit: Trees via photopin (license)

photo credit: Trees via photopin (license)

The weekend was a cinch! I am so unbelievably proud of myself for completing the first week of #Whole30 with no glitches. I did notice on Sunday that I was “grazing” and I realized that it was because I was bored. I knew I was bored, I voiced it to the family, and I realized that is why I was eating. So I watched a movie while playing with the baby and did some crafts. I kept busy and I felt less hungry, or maybe I just didn’tΒ notice?

Isn’t the interesting? I think being bored is part of emotional overeating. I’ve often met smokers who tell me they will go smoke when they’re bored. I honestly think it’s the same mental process. While I’m eating healthy food, eating a lot of anything is not good, so I’m glad I’ve made this realization.

20150501_114833_resized_1I went to a conference on Friday at a university. We were given free range of the dining hall (which is incredible) for our lunch break. I cannot express how proud I am for not detouring off the plan. There was plenty of opportunity, trust me. Luckily, this school is very vegetarian and vegan friendly, and every food item had a list ingredients above it. Β There was a lot I could not have, but I stuck to the salad bar, grilled veggies, hamburger patty, roast beef and sausage. The sausage may have been non-compliant, but I am not going to feel ashamed for that. I passed up the cookies, cakes and ice cream bar with really no issues. I also packed compliant snacks so I wouldn’t have a food meltdown.

20150502_120621_resizedHubs and I went to our ginormous international farmer’s market on Saturday. It’s a pretty awesome place with killer prices on produce. There are just rows and rows and rows of stuff. It’s a great place to stock up on our fruits and veggies for the week, since we are trying to so hard to not spend a ton of money. Unfortunately, protein items tend to kill the budget, and we buy those at Kroger because they are not a better deal at the farmer’s market. What can you do? :/ We got an awesome bunch of produce, plus nuts, no added ingredient dried fruit, arrowroot powder and carob pieces.

20150502_121644_resizedΒ I went out to eat with my mom and son on Saturday, picking a spot I knew had lots of fresh food, especially salads. Hubs warned me that it would still be difficult to be complaint, and he was so right! There was always one ingredient that I couldn’t have in a dish. Always. I ended up getting an Asian-inspired salad minus peanuts and crispy noodles, and used olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I also got a nice piece of grilled salmon on top! It worked out, but I can see why we need to stay away from restaurants for the time being.

20150503_102955_resizedI made a recipe for apple pie bites, found here. Needless to say, they are delicious! I honestly never appreciated dates until going on this journey. DATES ARE THE BOMB, yo. The are the sugar of the natural world. That isn’t the way I’m supposed to be thinking about my food, but after one week of nothing sweet, these are amazing to my taste buds. But, as with any food that we are likely to overeat, I need to be aware of this and nip it in the bud. I was inspired by this recipe, so I took banana chips, dates, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and cinnamon, and create banana bites. They are just as tasty!

I am off to a great start and a change in mindset. I am convinced that success for a healthier lifestyle all boils down to PREPARATION.

What do you think?

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