Getting some answers

Today was my sweet son’s occupational therapy evaluation. We’ve suspected for some time that he might have some sensory processing and/or ADHD stuff going on. The therapist, who I really like, definitely noticed some of our concerns. We will get a full write up in time, but I told her that I wanted to start therapy ASAP, so that I can also learn to help him at home.

She greeted him first when we got there, and I think that went a long way with him warming up to her quickly. Todd and I filled out some questionnaires while she took him into a room to perform some activities that would allow her to observe his reactions to different sensory input. Then they came out into the big room, and she challenged his body, and got a sense of his vestibular (our ability, desire or avoidance of moving in space, like spinning or tumbling) and proprioceptive (our body’s ability to know where it is in space) situation. He’s definitely a seeker of input (wants to spin, run, push, pull, wrestle, etc etc) so I will need to create that environment at home, and give him other opportunities for it (tumble time, the park, etc).

She saw all of our concerns play out during the eval – auditory processing struggles, and the seeking of proprioceptive and vestibular input. She talked about how he likes to spin (he does this a lot at tumble time on the silks) and he did it on their inner-tube swing. She thinks the dizziness puts him into a high state of arousal that his brain seeks, but it can also spike him into fight or flight mode. She will give us tools to help with that.

Her main comment was that his chaos mode at the end of the day is likely because he hasn’t received the sensory input through the day that he needs, and his body is releasing all the pent-up shit. She is going to tell me how I can provide him with that input. Amen, sista! I don’t think this practice can diagnose something like ADHD, so we will start here and get further evals done with other professionals, if needed. Honestly, I don’t give 2 shits about diagnoses, I just want to know how to help him, and how to be better for him.

It’s a start.

We also finally took him to see a GI specialist, and have him on a colon clean out. He also has to sit on the potty after every meal, and he’s been doing great. He pees a lot, no poop yet, but since this is a behavioral thing, this is helping get him comfortable. Today, while in his room during quiet, I witnessed him take off his pull-up and sit down to pee. Talk about shocked…

Baby steps…

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