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It has been a hot minute since…

I’ve been around this here blog of mine. When I was last here, I announced my pregnancy with my daughter. My sweet baby girl turned 9 months old this month, so I’ve been missing in action for some time. I’m back, however, with a new idea for this blog.

Aren’t they precious?


I’m going to try to focus this blog on my homeschooling pursuits. G is 3.5 now and I plan to start some basic homeschooling with him in August. He has already picked up quite a few things from our random days at home. I’m always doing something educational with him because it’s who I am, but he’s really picked up so much from life itself, plus lots of reading, PBS Kids, age appropriate apps on his Epic tablet and LOTS OF PLAY! He’s quite an imaginative kid!

Starting in August, I plan to use 2 different simple curriculum with him.

  • Build Your Library: Kindergarten “Around the World” curriculum – $25
    • For the price, this curriculum is great. I’ve purchased most of the main books and will get the rest from the library. This covers literacy, science, social studies, art and music. I just need to add in a little math play, some life skills, make sure there’s always hands-on/movement happening, and we’re set. I like that you only do a few topics every day, since we know young kids don’t have long attention spans. Overall, I don’t plan to spend more than an hour total on intentional schoolwork, and it will be broken up in bits and pieces.
  • Sadlier’s Getting Ready to Read with Mother Goose PreK/K: I found the student workbookΒ at a used bookstore, and got the teacher’s manual on eBay for cheap. This may be an older curriculum, but the activities are so simple and easy to put together, and short in duration.

I’m not the type of person that can improv and fly by the seat of her pants. My mind doesn’t move quickly and I need time to think about how to do something. So, the more prepared I am, the better. I know that not everything will get done, and I will not be a slave to the plan. He’s only 3.5, so honestly, as long as we read and play, we’re good! I have a ton of activities on hand to pick and choose from so we don’t have scree-time driven days. I want to get better about that. I want to get him outside more too, because he loves it, but he’s also a serious homebody like myself.

We joined a local homeschool co-op and I’m really excited about signing him up for a class. It will get him around other kids and used to taking instruction from someone else. He’s already getting a taste of that in his swim lessons. He seems a little confused at times, but with social cues, he picks up on how to stand in a line, follow the leader, etc. He also does well with the instructor, even though I find her a little cold. He’s gotten much more used to the water and seems more confident. Anywho, we have a creepy crawly workshop in August with the co-op, and then classes start Aug 30. Registration is not yet open, but I hope he gets into a fun class.Β I’m going to volunteer in a leadership position, though I’m only an apprentice at this point. They need social media help, and you know I’ve got that covered! My mom’s also going to volunteer in the nursery, where she can be with baby Lowry and I can be in class with G for his first time. I may teach a class at some point, but I want to be with him this first time.

On another note, we are in the process of scheduling an evaluation with an Occupational Therapist for G. We suspect some sensory and/or ADHD issues. I know he’s only 3.5 but both parental instincts have been buzzing for about 6 months. ADHD runs on both sides of our family, so that wouldn’t be a stretch. The sensory thing is new to me though, but the more research and observation I do, the more I think something’s there. I definitely thing he’s a propreoceptive seeker. From what I understand, the propreoceptive system is the ability to sense where our body is relation to our surroundings. Apparently without this system, we wouldn’t know where are body parts are without looking. Anywho, they have seekers and avoiders. I think G is a seeker because he runs everywhere, has poor body awareness, kicks, bites or hits on occasion, chews incessantly, loves to gently tackle kids in bounce houses/gyms and has poor personal boundaries. Also, he loves doing things that provide input to the propreoceptive system, like pushing and pulling things (his toy shopping cart, any kid toy, riding his tricycle, wrestling, sweeping and mopping, jumping, climbing, rolling our giant exercise ball over him,Β using his hands for all the things, he loves play-doh, putty, slime, squeezing anything, loves to stir and knead…the list goes on. ADHD symptoms are present, but he is 3.5. I get it. It’s not my first time around kids (though he is my first), and having a social work background with children, something doesn’t feel right.

I just want him to feel as normal as possible, and also want help for me. I struggle some days with my patience and understanding. I try. I recognize it. Sometimes I can be calm and collected, but not getting great sleep, having a baby to care for and house to run, I get frustrated. I’m not doing great at caring for the house, but I’m trying to change that. Ugh. If I didn’t have my mom around to help, I’d be in a worse position, for sure!