Great news for my family!

Last year was rough. Two miscarriages left me feeling pretty discouraged. Why the hell was my first pregnancy so completely normal and healthy but now I can’t keep babies alive?!? I know that is illogical, but it really is how some women feel. It took us almost 3 years to get pregnant with Gage, and we had to have professional intervention. Now I think I figured out what the issue was with my husband and I conceiving naturally, and we had 2 natural pregnancies last year. But they ended. You think the universe is laughing at you sometimes.

2016 is going to be different, and it’s going to be different because I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with baby #2! We’ve passed the scary time (though you are never truly out of danger), our genetic tests came back normal and we’ve heard the heartbeat twice now. I’m very much looking forward to the anatomy scan at 20 weeks just so I can see the lil booger.

This is what I shared on social media, as well as in person.


It’s been really funny to watch people look at Gage and comment how cute is and not even notice the shirt. I’ve actually had to tell a few people to read his shirt. 😛

Genetic testing can reveal the gender, so we know that we are adding a baby girl to our family in October. My family will be complete at my ripe age of 37. Lawd have mercy on my soul. I wouldn’t have it any other way, however. And now that I will get to stay home with the lil buggers, life is seeming pretty sweet right now. Though, don’t get me wrong. A Stay At Home mom’s life is anything but easy, as I will soon find out, but I’m looking forward to all of the laughter and tears, back aches and piles of laundry.

Here’s hoping lil miss Lowry decides that she wants to join our family. I think about it daily and pray when I hit the sheets at night that she is still with us. Looking forward to meeting you, lil one. You have an amazing big brother who is truly going to be a treat in your life, as you will his.

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My 2015 Reading Log

GR book challenge

While I’m no longer in the book review world, I still love to read. That was with me way before the 3-year (awesomely fun) reviewing stint in my life, and it will remain with me for the rest of my life, no doubt.

I used to read a lot more than I am able to now, thanks to a small child and early work hours. I’m usually spent by the time I crawl into bed, and since that’s the only time I have to read, it’s not typically a marathon session by any stretch.

But looooooooook! I have almost completed my Goodreads book challenge for the year! I am 2 books away from 50, and I know I will beat that as I’m almost finished with my current read, and my audiobook will no doubt be finished by next week. Rad!

Audiobooks have saved my reading goals. I would only be able to read half this amount if it was regular ole reading. They also save my sanity on my commute to and from work. I really get into the book when there is a good narrator, and there are some brilliant narrators out there!

My 2015 Challenge Books

Currently reading and will be finished by year end.

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) George

Read in 2015



I plan to do Book Bingo in 2016, which will help me try new genres. I also hope to stick to my massive collection of books, for the most part. I’ve done real well about not collecting new books like I used too, but I could do better. It is hard to stay away from new releases, but I’d prefer to binge read the series once they are all released.
At least, this is what I keep telling myself.
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Neutrogena® Naturals #WipeForWater #Influenster

I joined Influenster a few months ago and recently received my first VoxBox. If you haven’t heard of Influenster, it’s a company that chooses people (via surveys) to talk about products via social media, to gain attention for the product and promote it. There are little challenges to do when you receive the product to try, like post a picture to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, write a blog post, or post a video on YouTube. I assume the more social media challenges you complete, the more “influence” you have as a promotional agent, and the more likely you will receive products in the future.

Neutrogena® is partnering with The Nature Conservancy this April with their “WipeForWater campaign. They have created these naturals facial wipes to clean your face at the end of the day. I pledged to clean my face without using any water for 3 days, and that was easy peasy because I think the wipes work wonderful. They remove everything from my foundation to my mascara with ease, and I think they smell like green apples. Yum! Plus, my skin felt soft. Win!

The purpose of the campaign is to save water, and that it does. However, as with any product, I am skeptical about the carbon foot print that it takes to make the product. According to their website, the facial cleansing wipes are made from “naturally-derived fibers” from sustainable forests, not tested on animals and made with renewable energy. I would like to learn more about how they are made before I decide just how much they are saving water.

However, the product rocks and I have enjoyed using them. I would definitely buy them to remove my makeup.


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Note: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.